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LOL I just went to type Doctor Who but I accidentally typed Doctor Whom. it shouldn’t be that funny but it is -cackling-

hahahahahahahahah yeah that’s so fucking funny please tell me more I’m cracking up here.

yes, please, why don’t you tag your post about google asking if you meant “tenant” when you googled “Tennant” in the Doctor Who tag because hey, we all really want to hear about it. we really do. please tell us more. why were you googling him. was it because he’s lyke such an awsum actor lyke omg. I’m so excited I want to know more. please.


Enjoy the flood of L4D cosplay.

Avi decided to do a $5 Wal-Mart Spitter cosplay to join Miri and myself on Saturday night.

We goofed around and Ed took photos and it was awesome.

(Since people have asked—the $5 went toward the tank top and jeggings she’s wearing, the gakk stuff dribbling down the front of her mouth, and the fake nails she used for teeth. I do FX makeup and bring my kit with me to cons, so all the makeup itself was stuff we had in the room already. She decided to do this at con, so we only had what I brought.

I’m the Ellis in the photo making a derp face, per usual. I’ll continue to post more pics over the next few days.

Thanks so much for the support—I’m overwhelmed at how many people have responded to this. You guys are awesome!)

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look at dem glasses look at dat shirt xoxo


you are



thank u for this herkko. thank u.


people have no idea how much of a motivational figure Bobby is to me

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I’m sorry but I don’t think that would improve the world at all, since there are indeed completely straight cis men who are more than nice and decent, as well as there are plenty of women/GBTQ guys who are complete dumb-ass bitches who think too much of themselves and enjoy treating others like trash.

But yeah, if you want to kill my dad, who is a straight cis man who is nothing but accepting and nice and has been a lot more supportive of my issues than my mother, as well as a few other straight men I know who are way nicer than some LGBTQ people/women I know, go ahead. And it’s not like I don’t know of gay guys who are total douches and think that bi/pansexuality is a lie invented by guys who can’t accept they are gay, as well as tear down and insult other gay men who don’t fit inside the “stereotypic giggly bimbo gay guy” mold. 

Basically I just want you to know that women can be as bad as men, and that being gay doesn’t make you a fucking saint. If you want to explain your radical and rather unrealistic hate towards men, please do contact me so we can talk about it. And while you’re at it, please explain to me how being homosexual made Jeffrey DahmerJohn Wayne Gacy or Dean Corll better people than straight men? Thank you.

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Here, have Alan Carr reading some DW porn and sassy Tennant being sassy.

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  • USA: So I made these movies, right?
  • UK: Oh no not again.
  • USA: They're based on some of your detective books! They're a little more action-focused than the source is, though.
  • UK: It's fine. Look at this, though.
  • USA: Oh?
  • UK: It's a TV show based on those books, except the episode are an hour and a half long, have more mystery to them, and for some reason your friends really like who we picked for Sherlock and John.
  • USA: that so?
  • UK: Yeah. We might make a third season considering–
  • USA: Well *I* have a show about Holmes, too!
  • UK: you didn't.
  • USA: Except John is now Joan–
  • UK: Oh no you did NOT just–
  • USA: –she doesn't practice medicine anymore and also isn't a soldier–
  • UK: ...
  • USA: –and Sherlock is a guy from rehab working with Joan to solve crimes for the NYPD.
  • UK: ...You're jealous, aren't you.
  • USA: Just a little.


This guys cosplay is so perfect.

I wonder how much money he spent…

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